Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Stuff on my mind.

Still struggling with my migraines, woken up at 1:33am today with intense pain, and feeling very disorientated its just a good job i am not working today and have been able to take my time coming to from the early morning wake up!
I've been coping with this for so long its a huge part of my life, i now have no idea how i would feel if they went away, even though that's something i long for.
I am back on the beta blockers and gradually increasing the dose each week, i think its helping, but its a hard process to go through.
I am trying very hard to control how much anger i feel towards this thing that haunts me through life, and get to a place where i can accept that it is part of me, because i feel as though my sense of anger and injustice while real are in some sense wasted energy, and that's something that i can not afford to waste if i am to live with this.
Its kind of odd, even to me, that i am trying to cultivate this way of thinking but deep inside i feel like its the right thing for me to do! I know its not going to be easy to maintain this frame of mind, but it feels important all the same.
I would be interested for anyone who reads this to share with me how they cope, I'm pretty sure that other people will have different ideas, and i would be really interested to hear what people have to say.
I am trying to stay positive and hopeful that this new frame of mind will help, even if though it may be hard to maintain somethimes.

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